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If you’re feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed or have been wanting to treat yourself to something just for you, watch out!

If you’re looking for a holiday that will not only relax you but also add value in the long run, then we have just the little something for you!

Our retreats in Spain offer a unique combination of yoga, detox and coaching. Here you can not only switch off, but also work on yourself and recharge your batteries.

Imagine starting your day with a relaxing yoga or meditation session in the morning and then recharging your batteries with a healthy detox breakfast. In the coaching session, you can also define your personal goals and develop strategies to improve your everyday life in the long term. We offer you a time-out that not only relaxes you, but also helps you move forward.


Book your individual retreat now and experience an unforgettable time out in beautiful Spain!

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AHOY – El Campello

Wake up with a breathtaking sea view and start the day with a smile.

You can do it all by yourself in these modern apartments.

The flats offer a private pool, gym and air-conditioned accommodation in El Campello, close to the beach and a promenade where you can walk to San Juan.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and private parking, as well as a bike storage room with tools, is available on site.

Each accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen with a dining table, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and private bathroom with shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. A fridge, an oven and a dishwasher are also provided, as well as a coffee maker and a kettle.

The outdoor pool has a beautiful terrace and the nearby mountains offer perfect nature walks, as well as cycling routes for road and also mountain biking.

Alicante Golf Course is 10 km from the accommodation, while Alicante Train Station is 15 km away.

The nearest airport is Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández, just 32 km from the flats. An airport shuttle service is available for a fee.


Wake up in the midst of nature. An oasis of well-being in the Busot mountains.


This classic Spanish finca is located in the mountains at 380 metres above sea level, only 15 minutes from El Campello. An oasis of peace and relaxation. The only sounds are the wind and the chirping of the birds.

The finca offers a private pool and has five double bedrooms, a large kitchen and a wonderful roof terrace with sea views.

Free wifi is available throughout the area. There is private parking, as well as a bike shed with tools.

Each double room has a private bathroom with a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. A coffee maker and kettle are also available, because what could be better than enjoying a nice relaxing cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

The outdoor pool with its terrace invites you to recharge your batteries and in the evening it is wonderful to count shooting stars here. The nearby mountains offer perfect hiking opportunities in nature, as well as cycling routes for road and also mountain biking.

The nearest airport is Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández and is only 40 minutes by car from the finca. A rental car is recommended.

CASA LUISE – Castalla

A double room with en-suite bathroom in the Muutos Coaching owner’s house.


The modern villa “Casa Luise” is located in a rural area at 700 metres above sea level. It is the perfect escape into nature – experience the charm of the olive groves and almond trees. You can go for a walk or start your bike tour directly behind the house.

It is a place of peace and relaxation in a natural environment, the green mountain lung (Maigmo) of the province of Alicante. Here you can fully engage in your transformation, surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery and the starry sky at night. An ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities.

At Casa Luise you will stay in a cosy, bright room with en-suite bathroom. Free WIFI is available and the pool can also be used.

If you choose to stay with us, you will stay with the owner of Muutos Coaching in the house, so this option is only available for women.

The nearest airport is Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández and is only a 30 minute drive from Casa Luise. A rental car is recommended.

Where do you feel at home?

Each of our accommodations is special. You decide what suits you best.

The stylish Ahoy flat by the sea, the original Finca Bilou in the mountains or the double room in Casa Luise.


Choose the retreat that best suits you and your current situation. Nothing in it? Contact us!


4 days / 3 nights incl. Detox catering and Share® Plum

Are you looking for a rejuvenating and revitalising experience that combines the power of fasting, yoga and meditation?

Then our Detox at the Beach programme is for you!

Our programme is designed to help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace, while learning about the benefits of detoxification and healthy eating. Enjoy daily…


Meditation sessions on the beach or the enchanting rooftop terrace, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean and the gentle breeze.

During your stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about detoxification and receive some delicious recipes to help you stay on track after you leave. And with guided journaling exercises to help you reflect on your experience and make resolutions for the future, you’ll feel refreshed and all-round renewed for once. Ready to face whatever comes your way in the future.
So why wait? Sign up for Detox at the Beach today and experience the transformative power of yoga, mindfulness and detoxification first hand!

Other components of the retreat include:

✅ Know your Yin energy: This means doing regular relaxation exercises such as meditation or YinYoga to find inner peace and serenity.

✅ Accept the duality of Yin and Yang: This means being ready for both sides of life – the positive and the negative – the masculine and the feminine – alternately, we work this out in small coaching sessions.

✅ Connect with nature: Use natural phenomena such as sunrise or sunset as inspiration to live in harmony with the natural cycle of give and take. The surroundings are perfect for hikes where we can live out our Yang energy.

✅ Together in the group you will learn how to deal with food in a mindful way. The food consists of smoothies, juices and soups (according to Anthony Williams in the style of Buchinger fasting). This is a wonderful way to detoxify physically as well.

On arrival you will receive your goodie bag, which also contains your share plums for daily detoxification. It is advisable to start with a lighter version of the fast before arrival, we will clarify this in a Zoom Call three weeks before arrival.

We have limited places, so it is best to book as early as possible for the best price. Prices are for the group retreat. For individual DETOX programmes, feel free to contact me.


28.09. – 01.10.2023

30.05. – 02.06.2024


El Campello, Ahoy Atico, Spain


from 511, -EUR per person*

Included – Services:

  • Three nights in a stylish apartment with breathtaking sea view, pool, fitness room, bike storage, etc. close to the beach
  • All Detox meals included (homemade juices and soups)
  • Unlimited energising water and tea
  • Exchange on topics such as nutrition, sleep, transformation
  • Self-reflection exercises (e.g. guided writing)
  • Recipes to build up after fasting
  • Share® products for detoxification
  • Yoga on the beach or on the roof terrace
  • Guided meditations
  • Goodie bag
    and much more…

Arrival and departure must be arranged by yourself. Alicante is the nearest airport.

Further information will be sent to you by email

* Early bird (only until 31.03.2024)

Refund Policy: Refund requests must be made in writing by emailing A 99 EUR cancellation fee will be charged. NO refunds will be given after 15 Apr 2024.



By submitting this message, I accept that my data will be stored by Muutos Coaching in order to send me information about the retreat and other events. I can request the deletion of my data at any time.




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5 days / 4 nights on an idyllic finca incl. vegetarian catering

Who am I? And what do I really want in life? In this retreat you will embark on your personal SOUL journey to find yourself.

Spend four nights in a beautiful country house, near the Spanish coastal city of Alicante, with other wonderful souls from all over the world who are ready to walk their soul’s journey and


to live it consistently.

You can expect daily yoga, meditations and living mindfulness. You have time for yourself or to exchange with the other participants. There are guided walks and the possibility of excursions into nature.

In your free time you can book massages or bioenergetic treatments with the HEALY. Or you can treat yourself to a holistic coaching with Nicole.

All meals and drinks with your meal are included.

Learn to make yourself a priority without feeling selfish
Hear and honour your inner voice
Reconnect with your true core and find back to your inner strength

Flights to Alicante are available within Europe with Lufthansa, Iberia or RyanAir.

We have limited places, so best to book as early as possible for the best price.


19 – 23 April 2024

September 2024 in planning

April/May 2025 in planning


Finca Bilou, Aigües, Alicante, Spain


from 711, -EUR per person*


Included – Services:

  • Four nights in a double room with private bathroom on an enchanting Spanish finca
  • Tasty vegetarian meals and seasonal fruit for in between
  • Unlimited energising water, tea and coffee
  • Exchange on topics such as nutrition, sleep, transformation
  • Self-reflection exercises (e.g. guided writing, mindful walking)
  • Hikes in the surroundings
  • One yoga session at sunset on the beach
  • Daily yoga sessions on the roof terrace with stunning views
  • Guided meditations
  • Goodie bag
    and much more…

Travel to and from the finca must be arranged by the participant. Alicante is the nearest airport.

Further information will be sent to you by email

* Early bird (only until 31.12.2023)

Refund Policy: Refund requests must be made in writing by emailing A 99 EUR cancellation fee will be charged. NO refunds will be given after 15 March 2024.


By sending this message I agree that my data will be stored by Muutos Coaching in order to send me information about the retreat and other events. I can request the deletion of my data at any time.

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6 days / 5 nights incl. breakfast and a joint dinner

coming soon…



4 days / 3 nights individual programme incl. 6 weeks online coaching

Do you ever wonder why you react the way you do? As if on autopilot, you sometimes lose your temper and are angry afterwards that you didn’t have yourself under control.

Or you keep quiet again to avoid a conflict with your boss, your friend, your partner or whoever, but you feel bad afterwards.

Maybe the following situations are also familiar to you: 


✅ Your body feels drained, tired and stressed out.

✅ You often feel like you are treading water or blocked by something

✅ You lack the energy and courage to follow your heart

✅ Your thoughts about yourself are mostly negative

✅ Every now and then you feel a paralysing fear of the future

…and you struggle to:

😯 accept yourself as you are

😯 not knowing what you really like, what you enjoy doing

😯 setting boundaries and recognising when enough is enough

😯 finally standing up for yourself and living your life the way you want to, free from outside influences.

If this sounds like you, then we should talk urgently. Because not only have I experienced all of this myself, but I’ve also overcome it. I would like to be your support, which I never had.

There is a solution: a journey back to you, this will be the journey of your life!

Our Master your Energy and Burnout to Energy Retreats are as individual as you are. We will support you to get to know yourself even better. If you wish, we can even do a blood test and bioenergetic evaluation before you arrive, as we work with a variety of partners. SHARE, HEALY and BIONIQ also help to bring your transformation forward on a physical level.

Here with me, there are no plain vanilla programmes and also no quick-fix, because I want you to be able to change sustainably with ease. Just as it suits you and your current situation. Every person is different, and your path is different from mine.

It will be an exciting, perhaps even dramatic path, in any case excitingly beautiful, profound and moving. If that feels right to you, maybe even a little scary, then that’s exactly what you need. Because taking a leap into your new life can be a little exciting – you don’t really know the outcome. But I can and will encourage you, every day anew, until you realise the gift of your courage in it.

It is a path that can change your life fundamentally – if you are willing to take it. Transform yourself and discover your true, authentic self. In each of us there is still the little boy, the little girl who finally wants to be free again, wants to live and we will discover them together.

No matter where you are in life or how stuck you feel, sometimes the fastest and most efficient way to change something is to detach yourself from where you are and look at it anew with distance.

Because when we’re stuck in the middle of what we’re trying to change, surrounded by lots of people who don’t even know how we feel, it’s hard to know where to start.

Here together with me, you experience 4 exciting days, a reset. The opportunity to see everything from a different perspective. A combination of many methods tailored to you, such as coaching, meditation, yoga, or even hiking and biking. The Spanish sun and the sea create a relaxed atmosphere for a fresh start. At home you will be accompanied online for another 6 weeks, so that your transformation is really sustainable and you can better separate yourself in the future.

What makes this retreat so special?

I believe that every person has a unique life situation. Therefore, this retreat is just as unique as your situation. It will be designed based on your questions and needs and you decide what it will include and whether it will be by the sea or in the mountains. (Ahoy or Casa Louise)

This retreat is available whenever it suits you. We will coordinate the date and your themes together and start directly with the pick-up at the airport.

After you have arrived and moved into your room, a relaxing massage awaits you. You will also receive a bioenergetic analysis on the first day.

✅ At least four hours of individual, tailor-made coaching in the morning. Based on your situation, the following points could be included: determining where you stand, defining and using your values, changing limiting patterns and beliefs, characterising your relationships, setting boundaries, bioenergetic analysis using Healy, reviewing your eating habits, clarifying your current strategies, defining future wishes and plans, learning a wide range of techniques that will support you in your change in the long term, everything that will help you to integrate your wishes and goals into your everyday life at home.

✅ In the afternoon you have time for reflection. Walks in silence, a bike ride, journaling or just being without doing anything. These times are your key to change. This is where the real transformation happens. In a fresh, new environment, space emerges, space to let go and make room for the new.

✅ The end of the day consists of another coaching session with meditation before we have dinner together. We will explore any insights that have arisen during the day and either prepare for the next day or, to conclude your retreat, create a plan for next steps at home.

So, if you’re ready, make your appointment today. I guarantee you’ll pick up a few golden nuggets here already to boost your energy levels.


Anytime – by appointment and accommodation availability


El Campello, Ahoy apartment, Spain

Castalla, Casa Luise, Spain


from 1811, -EUR per person*

Included – Services:

  • 3 nights in a stylish flat with breathtaking sea view, pool, fitness room, bike cellar, etc. near the beach or alternatively in a guest room with private bathroom in the villa “Casa Luise” in the middle of the mountains incl. private pool
  • All meals included
  • Unlimited energising water and tea
  • Individual coaching as needed
  • Self-reflection exercises (e.g. guided writing)
  • Share® products for detoxification
  • Guided meditations
  • Goodie bag
    and much more…

Arrival and departure must be organised by the participants themselves. Alicante is the nearest airport. Airport transfer is included.

* Basic price for an overnight stay in a double room at Casa Luise including the listed services. You will receive an individual offer tailored to your needs after our free initial consultation. Subject to room and location availability.

Refund policy: Refund requests must be made in writing via email to A cancellation fee of 111 EUR will be charged.


Please arrange a free Strategy Call before booking to get to know us and to feel if we are suitable for your trip. Because we want to make sure that you get an individual programme that suits you!




Ahoy Seaview 
Single room     from   711 EUR
shared double  from   511 EUR

Ahoy Penthouse
Single room     from   933 EUR
shared double  from   733 EUR

Casa Luise
Single room     from   1033 EUR
ladies only!



Finca Bilou
Single room     from   911 EUR
shared double  from  711 EUR



Ahoy Seaview 
Single room     from 1077 EUR
Shared double  from  877 EUR

Ahoy Penthouse
Single room      from 1211 EUR
Shared double  from  977 EUR


Casa Luise
from 1.811 EUR (ladies only)

Ahoy Standard Gardenview
from 2.111 EUR

Ahoy Premium Seaview
from 2.533 EUR

Exclusive offer

Receive a wellness massage as a gift for your first booking

I look forward to welcoming you here in my second home country!


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