Each and every one of us have it, this sparkling breathtaking beauty inside of us.

But when we look in the mirror, there is a slight chance that you see a pale face, overworked, tired eyes and if you look yourself in the eyes, you may see this fearful little child, which is afraid to come out and shine.

Can you see your true beauty and this beaming light, when you look within? Most people would say “No”. Some might even say “Nicole, what on earth are you talking about? I am grown up and there is no child and what? A light?”

So many of us, don´t trust anymore their inner guidance, turn even away from this beauty, perhaps they are overwhelmed by it, maybe even fear to shine it.

Maybe you have big dreams and you want to create a better life, a greater meaning into your life, deep inside you know, there is so much more to express.

That is the beauty that resides in you, but it must always start from within.

You must see your breathtaking beauty within, honour it, and follow the inspiration that comes from your heart. This is where your inner child lives and the beauty, that comes from within you is the voice of your Soul wishing to be expressed.

Let your Soul, your inner child aligns your actions with the authentic beauty that sits within your heart. It will become your super power to live your life to the fullest. Let your light shine, your heart knows how beautiful, pure and perfect it is.

It will attract those who are waiting to see your beauty shine in pure magnificence. They will come and embrace your light, admire it, treasure it and even follow it. However; these things typically live on the other side of fear. Speaking your truth or stating what you desire will make you think “I can´t. They won´t like me anymore….” And yet again FEAR take over.

But trust the process, trust your guidance, simply decide that what you speak, choose to do or intend to create comes from this sparkling light that resides in your heart. It is fear and self-doubt created by your mind that is holding you back. All you need is to overcome the fear and believe in yourself. YOU ARE SPECIAL, you are unique and you are not alone with this fear.

RUMI said “Fearful thoughts are phantoms of the mind”.

Knowing that, quite your mind, step out of your comfort zone and let your light shine. The way to overcome fear is to surrender to the power of trust! Trust in yourself. Trust in the Universe and your light will shine brighter as you ever could imagine. Read as well my new article about fear